Euxtonce Primary | Year1
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31 Mar Home Learning

Click below for the Year 1 home learning letter and 'Castles' research project. Please note the password for discovery education is discovery2020 not discover2020 as stated in the letter. Year 1 Home LearningDownload Year 1 and 2 Castles Research ProjectDownload ...

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17 Nov Are you a ninja warrior?

Year 1 had a fantastic time on Ninja Warrior Day! They never gave up and completed the assault course. Mrs Obertelli even managed to beat Ninja Warrior Johnny around the course! [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="23699,23675,23676,23677,23678,23679,23680,23681,23682,23683,23684,23685,23686,23687,23688,23689,23690,23691,23692,23693,23694,23695,23696,23697,23698,23700"]...

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10 Oct Measuring

Year 1 have been learning about length and height this week. We went into the Spinney to compare lots of different natural objects that we could find. "I've found something shorter than me" Ruby " This tree is the tallest." Josephine " I've ordered them from shortest to...

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09 Oct Our Senses

Year 1 have been exploring their senses. After learning what our five senses were we then investigated how we can use them. [gallery ids="23489,23490,23491,23464,23465,23466,23467,23468,23469,23470,23471,23472,23473,23474,23475,23476,23477,23478,23479,23485,23488,23487,23486"]...

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