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Author: Harriet James

27 Apr Lean on Me!

40c092fb-0402-48f3-95b2-8989315a19ca (1)Download WOW! What a lovely video made by Year 3 reminding everyone that we can lean on each other during this time. We are certainly missing you all and can't wait to be back in school with everyone when we can. Thank you for making...

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09 Oct Maths!

We have looking at statistics in Maths and how we can record and present data in a bar chart. We collected our own data as a class and then used this to draw our own graphs. We were then given some questions based on our...

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09 Oct Light

Year 3 have been learning all about light in Science. Light seems white but it is really made of 7 different colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We made some 'Whizzer Wheels' of some different colours and spun them very fast...

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27 Jun Quad Kids

Huge well done to our Quad Kids Teams who competed at Holy Cross on Wednesday. Not only were there some brilliant performances but the children represented the school fantastically and were a pleasure to take. They showed team spirit and determination throughout the day! Y2  finished...

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