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Autumn Walk

07 Oct Autumn Walk

Today Reception went on an Autumn walk. We used our senses to explore the season of Autumn. We collected some leaves, seeds and twigs to use for our Autumn art work. Here are some of the children’s comments about Autumn.

Theo – We saw leaves in Autumn colours – brown, yellow and orange.

Esme – We saw red leaves as well.

Charlie – We saw leaves falling off the trees because of the wind.

Annie – It was windy. We could hear the wind blowing the leaves off the trees.

Iris – I could hear the water splashing.

Bethany – The trees made a swishy, swashy sound.

Johnny – All the leaves were blowing off onto the ground.

Emily R – We could hear the birds tweeting.

Emilia – We saw some juicy berries.

Emily K – We saw some blackberries. The wind was blowing the leaves off the trees.

Isabelle – We walked in the mud and we heard the mud going squelch, squelch.

Daniel E – The leaves were crunchy when I was touching them.

Isaac S – I found some conkers and acorns on the floor. They are seeds.

Leo – I saw lots of leaves on the ground because it is Autumn.

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