Euxtonce Primary | E.U.X.T.O.N. Challenge!
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E.U.X.T.O.N. Challenge!

16 Jan E.U.X.T.O.N. Challenge!

In worship last week I set the children a challenge to come up with words related to our school and its family, starting with the letters which form EUXTON. It was lovely to see so many children bring their ideas to me and I have chosen a winner for each letter:

E – Equality   (Bradley Charnock)

U – Unity   (Niamh Lawton)

X – Xenodochial   (Daniel McErlain-Hargreaves) – I had to check this one, it means being friendly to strangers!

T – Teamwork   (Faye Deacon and Niamh Lawton)

O – Opportunities   (Thomas and Joshua Garrett)

N – Noble   (Molly Yarker and Alex Todd) – I liked the fact this meant having/showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles!

It really was a hard choice. Other great words were:

E – Eager, Encourage, Enthusiastic

U – Understanding, Unique, Unspoilt

X – (bit of a cheat this one!) X-ample, X-ceptional, X-citing!

T – Try, Thankful, Thrilling

O – Outstanding, Optimistic, Original

N – Neighbourly, Nurture, Nice

I’m sure you will agree, all of these are wonderful and we do all aspire to be these!

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