Euxtonce Primary | Heartsmart Day!
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Heartsmart Day!

23 Feb Heartsmart Day!

Wednesday was great. A massive thank you to all the staff for their hard work and enthusiasm and to Miss Lewis for co-ordinating the whole day. All the children were in mixed age groups, from Reception to Y6.They each had a passport, which got ‘stamped’ when they visited each of the seven activities:

  • Don’t forget to let love in – The children were divided into two groups. They made love heart biscuits to give to a loved one, and designed paper hearts. I hope you liked them!
  • Too much selfie isn’t healthy – Made ‘selfie sticks’ with pictures about making others happy.
  • Don’t rub it in, rub it out – The children were given a scenario and they had to consider what they would do if rubbing it in and rubbing it out. They then made a paper person card!
  • Fake is a mistake – After discussion, the children made masks that hide the real person, but put words on the back about how important it is to be real. They all signed a giant love heart!
  • No way through, isn’t true – They all worked together to complete an obstacle course, with challenges along the way.
  • Power On – the children made ‘Power On’ badges. Being powerful means loving ourselves (I) and loving others (O) too.
  • Boris – Made Boris robots by decorating, using stickle bricks, lego, etc. and also worked together on a collaborative Big Boris!

Our School Adviser popped in and she described the atmosphere in school in one word – AWESOME! I couldn’t agree more.


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