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All children have the right to an education that will enable them to reach their full potential. We believe that each child has individual and unique needs and acknowledge that some children require more support than others. A child has special educational needs if he/she requires additional or different provision from the provision made generally for children of their age in that school.  In order to support these children we recognise their needs and plan accordingly.

As a Church school, we aim to develop an ethos of care, empathy, and understanding. This is essential when dealing with children with Special Educational Needs. The Head Teacher, Staff, and Governors of our school are committed to the inclusion of children with Special Educational Needs. We aim to provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum, but also to offer small group support, or individual help, where children have specific needs.

 All children will be valued, and we aim for all children to experience success, confidence and achievement, and to reach their full potential. We involve parents, carers and the children in the planning and support at all stages of the pupil development.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCO), Miss Kirstin Lewis,  manages our Special Educational Needs system, guiding staff in the formulation of Individual Education Plans in partnership with children and parents to ensure that effective provision is made.  We have a positive relationship with our external agencies and use them for additional guidance, assessment and support when necessary. We also have a Most Able Co-ordinator, Mrs Hayley King, who guides staff in supporting children who need additional challenge.

Please see the documents below for more guidance:




Euxton SEND Identification

Euxton SEND Support Plan Flowchart

Our Most Able Subject Leader Report can be found below:

Most Able Subject Leader Report 22

Our Accessibility plan can be found below:

Euxton Accessibility Plan