Euxtonce Primary | Our Christian Values
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Our Christian Values

We have 8 Christian Values in our school

Friendship and Fellowship

Here are some examples of our we live out our Christian Values:

We worship every day:

We welcome Rev. Jo into school:

We raise money or receive donations for different charities:

We sponsor Saisa in Kenya through Action Aid:

Our School Council lead us on many things: School Council

Our Links:

We attend church for key services throughout the year and our children proudly carry our school flag in family services. We support their work, including the Harvest Food Bank appeal, Smarties challenge and the church roof appeal.

We also have a strong relationship with Blackburn Diocese. Mr Ward, our Headteacher, works for them as an Associate Adviser. Our school Diocesan Adviser is Mrs Ann Aspden. Staff attend many training events and our children go to the Children’s Conferences each year. They then lead worship to share what they have learned.

We work collaboratively with other church schools in our cluster and also have a special relationship with St. James’ CE Primary School in Chorley, and children from our school attend their ‘Ark Ethos Group’ children’s conference annually.


Other Faiths:

To enhance our curriculum and the experiences of our children we have set up links and visits to places of worship from different faiths. These take place each year:

Year 3: Hindu Temple

Year 4: Jewish Synagogue

Year 5 : Islam Mosque

Year 6: Contrasting Christianity – The Salvation Army

Our Junior children then share their experiences with our Infant children.