Euxtonce Primary | ‘Terrific Scientific’ investigators in Year 5
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‘Terrific Scientific’ investigators in Year 5

27 Jan ‘Terrific Scientific’ investigators in Year 5

In Year 5 we have had great fun finding out if we are ‘super-tasters’. This was the first investigation challenge set by the BBC Terrific Scientific team. We will let you know how many ‘super-tasters’ we have once we have studied the data carefully. So far, it looks like we might have more than expected so we might need to check some of our results!

IMG_2139 IMG_2138 IMG_2137 IMG_2136 IMG_2135 IMG_2134 IMG_2132 IMG_2116 IMG_2115 IMG_2114 IMG_2113

Here are lots of our ‘Terrific Scientific’ Scientists at work!


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