Euxtonce Primary | Winter Walk
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Winter Walk

07 Jan Winter Walk

To start our new topic, Reception went to explore the signs of Winter.

The children shared their thoughts:

Elliott- There are red berries.            Daniel E – The leaves in the soil are wet.

Poppy – The leaves are crunchy.        Florence – We were stamping on the leaves to make them crunchy.

Charlie R-N – We were stamping on the leaves to help them get in the soil.

Esme – All the trees are bare.          Isabelle – Bare means all the leaves have fallen off.

Charlie P – Some trees look dead. Trees with leaves are evergreen.

Emily K – The leaves have changed different colours.         Theo – We saw nests.

Leo – We found conkers and shells. They were black.         Ted – They were soft and wet.

Annie – We saw nests at the tops of the trees.             Florrie – We could hear the birds tweeting.

Isaac S – I heard the train.          Olivia – I heard birds tweeting.

Johnny – It was wet and muddy.         Elizabeth – We saw a squirrel.          Iris – We saw a robin.

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