Euxtonce Primary | Year 4 Autumn 2
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Year 4 Autumn 2

13 Nov Year 4 Autumn 2

This half term our topic is ‘Sparky’.



We will be reading ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ as our class text, from which we will develop ideas for our own narratives.  Later in the term, we will research ideas from a range of sources and create our own information booklets about the Romans.  In grammar, we will introduce fronted adverbials  for ‘when’ so that children can use these in their writing, in addition to the fronted adverbials for ‘where’ that they learnt last term.  Another area of focus this half term is on identifying noun phrases and using

apostrophes to indicate ownership.   One of the key reading skills this term is to make inferences based on clues within the text, supporting answers with evidence from the text.



In maths there will be a focus on mental calculations, finding related division facts and recognising factors.  We will also be learning about formal written methods of multiplication,  estimating and comparing lengths and finding the perimeter of a simple shape.  We will finish the half term by interpreting information in bar charts, pictograms, tables and graphs.



Our topic this term is Electricity.  Children will be constructing circuits and exploring conductors and insulators.



We will be exploring the symbolism of light at Christmas, looking at the symbolism of the Christingle and considering why Jesus is described as the Light of the World.  We will  also look at artwork  depicting the Nativity and how light is used within these paintings.



We will be continuing with our history topic of the Romans.  This term our focus will be on the legacy that the Romans left for us in Britain.


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